Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saying goodbye

Last Thursday we said goodbye to SoonerStart. I knew it was coming. I had prepared myself. I knew in my head it was time but it was still hard to say the words "Yes, I want to discontinue services".
Katy has been coming to our house every two to three weeks since Channing came home from the NICU. I've leaned on her so much. I don't know about other preemie moms but when Chan was born so early and all that crap ensued, I lost any mother's intuition I might have had. I had none. I grew up babysitting. I worked in a childcare for years and with my own child I was clueless. So having someone coming into my home on a regular basis was amazing! I remember the day she told me "uhh Channing's shoes are way too small". Uh yeah Jac you should probably check your kid's feet once in a while. She was also a relatively new mom and a working mom so we shared and commiserated a bit too.

I was hoping that Katy could stay with us until Channing graduated high school but alas SoonerStart ends at 36 months. I learned a lot from her and it was so comforting and reassuring to have a professional tell you what's what with your child.

So while I'm super sad that we won't see our SoonerStart team any more I am thrilled that Channing no longer needs services!! I encourage any parent of a preemie or delayed child to check out SoonerStart!

PS. The guy in the photo is Katy's boss, John. We didn't see him as much but we like him a lot too!

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