Saturday, June 1, 2013

Well hello there, 3T

We've never met before! It's official. I'm more pregnant than I have ever been. 26w6d. The emotions are plentiful. Relief, happiness, sadness all rolled into one (larger by the day) pregnant woman. I'm so so thankful to have made it this far but we've still got a ways to go. Then I'm sad that Chan didn't get the advantages that this baby will have. Chan went through so so much and hopefully this baby won't.
Frankly I'm just not good at being pregnant. My body (obviously) and my mind. The inherent vulnerability of pregnancy just isn't good for a person like me. Oh well. MG keeps reminding me that I've only got 2.5 more months to go. Which is really just a blip in the scheme of things.

Some other hi-lights:
I had my longest cervical measurement yet last week at 25weeks. I measured over 4. This is huge! I feel so much better about actually making it to the end.

The progesterone shots aren't easy, breezy. The first two were easy but after that they've pretty much sucked. Itchy, burny welts. Ugh. This kid better like me!

I don't go back for another cx measurement until next, next week. I also have my gestational diabetes test. I didn't get to do this with Chan. So that'll be a new one for me. And finally I'll get a Rhogam shot. I'm RH- so yet another thing to plan for.

Thanks for checking in on us!