Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flashback Friday

This isn't an enthralling video by ANY means but it's one of only a handful of videos that we took of Channing in the NICU. We took a lot and I mean A LOT of pictures of that baby in the hospital but we didn't take many videos that is one of my regrets from that time.

I was randomly looking through Channing's discharge papers while I was filing some other paperwork in her med file. I noticed that the nurses kept a calendar of every day she was in the NICU and wrote down any big happening for that day. It was strange to look back and see everything that happened a year ago. On this day last year Chan tested positive for C-Diff. Major bummer. I thought we would never get her out of isolation but Chan continually testing negative for C-Diff and my constant badgering finally convinced them.

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