Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Channing's 2nd Christmas

I probably don't need to expound on how infinitely better Christmas was this year than last year. Last year we schlepped around the NICU with long faces.
This is Channing last year on Christmas. The nurses made these cards which was really sweet. I do wish they had used another pic of our girl though. Oh well.

This year, we got to do all sorts of fun firsts with Chan. She loved going to visit Santa, up until the point I put her on his lap. She flipped.
Luckily a few nights later some friends had a lovely kid friendly party and Santa stopped by. Channing got to watch the other kids sit on Santa's lap so she didn't want to miss out.
We went to our first Hanukkah party at Channing's school. Ghee came along and the kids 'decorated' sugar cookies. Then we all headed to Shabbat and sang songs (dreidel, anyone?) and ate Challah.
Chan opening her a gift from Nana and Papaw.
C and her dad on Christmas day at Grandpa RZ's! I promise she smiles up until the point I put the camera in front of my face!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families.

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