Monday, May 30, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Channing went on the first of what I'm sure will be many, many trips to her Grandparents house in Wagoner. C met her Aunt Lois and Uncle Doug, Aunt Missy and Cousin Jamie, Aunt Mary, Uncle Guy and Cousin Jace. Grandma Linda was smart and called people one at a time to come visit. This helped with her not getting overstimulated.

Channing also went to visit my side of the family in Stillwater on Sunday. Now this didn't work out as well because she had 10 people in her face but she still loved visiting and looking around at the new places and faces. She did have a huge meltdown when we got home. We ended up having to put her to bed at 7:30pm and she slept til 9:30am. Homegirl was worn out!

Channing has her first NICU follow up clinic tomorrow. She'll see the Developmental Peditrician. We are hoping she gets a great report! She's been in training for the past three months for it. I think I've got her in tip top shape. And did I mention Channing rolled over! She's only done it twice but I think she's gonna get the hang of it soon.

One more day until I go back to work!!

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