Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Big First

Channing went out in public for the first time ever! We met our friends the Phoenixs (Sara, Tripp and Elise) out at Utica Square for a late breakfast. Sara is a long time friend and sorority sister that had twins in February. I don't know how she does it with two but she takes them everywhere and makes it look easy!

I was pretty nervous about getting Channing out of the house. I was more nervous about the logistics with the car seat and stroller than anything. But Chan did great and liked looking around at everything and everyone. No one tried to touch her. Several people did stop by our table and comment on the amount of babies we had.

Sara and Baby Elise - Tripp and Elise were so good. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of Tripp. He's big and intense!

It was a gorgeous day and I'm so glad I got to catch up with Sara. She's inspired me to leave the house with Channing more.


  1. So cute!!! Happy Mother's day to both you and Sara! We took Trevor everywhere...first real outing was at 2wks old to the mall...the more you do it, the easier it gets (it's definitely easier when they are little though actually!) If you are ever down here in Moore, you will have to go to a movie at our theater...they having crying rooms! It was a godsend for us so we could go out on "dates" to the movies with Trevor to maintain our sanity a little!

  2. Yeah, yeah, triple yeah! Channing is so beautiufl and so is Elise. Hope you have an awesome Mother's Day...oh, and I am jealous of your super chic mommy style. You make it appear effortless.

  3. Those are some serious cheeks! What beautiful girls (all around), I am sure Tripp was rolling his eyes and thinking get me away from all these chicks. So glad you were able to get out and had such a good time. It can be so intimidating to go out alone with the baby!

  4. Super joy on your trip out. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Channing probably liked seeing little people too.