Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yesterday, my wonderful mother in law took Channing to the Dr. for an ear infection. Her regular pediatrician is on vacation this week. He is almost never gone and he's in practice by himself so we've never seen anyone other than him. This new Dr. pulled up Channing's chart on the computer and glanced through and said "WOW!". She knew nothing about Chan and her history. My MIL explained that Channing has an extensive medical history due to her prematurity. The Dr. said 'it looks like she's doing great'. My MIL said "she sure is".

This small exchange got me thinking. Channing's Dr. visits and SoonerStart and therapists and NICU clinics, all these things are just our life. I guess I don't take the time to add it up. It's all we know. I mean do kids not go to the Dr. every week during cold season? No daily breathing treatments? No ear drops? No eye drops? No antibiotics? You don't have a huge three ring binder of your child's medical history? Again we don't know life without these things. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. We are some of the lucky ones! Compared to where we thought we were going to be.

I stopped to think about it all today and "wow"!

Pictures unrelated to post:
Channing doesn't like to have her hair in a pony tail.
And yes she was playing in the tub with the water running while fully clothed. It's indoor water play! It's hot outside!

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