Thursday, June 7, 2012

Channing's 18m Stats

Channing is now 18 months old!

We went to her well visit last week and this is how she's measuring up:

Weight: 21 lb 3 oz. 25th percentile
Height: 31.5 inches 80th percentile
Head: I don't recall the number but it was in the 67th percentile

She has been released from PT. They think her motor skills are great and right on track. We are still going to do SoonerStart for the time being even though we did talk about discontinuing services altogether (cue panic attack)!!

Likes: Anything and everything outside. She's really loving this cheapo water table that we got from TRU. Channing would eat and sleep outside if we'd let her. Which isn't so fun for me as I'm really an inside gal! Bugs, heat, humidity - not really my thing. Remind me again why I live in Oklahoma? Channing loves pictures of her family. She makes us traipse her around the house so she can look at all the frames in the house and have her point out who everyone is. She loves watching videos of herself. Milk! This girl can't get enough milk. She loves it!

Dislikes: Being denied entry to our backyard. Still hates the car. Doesn't like CDs apparently. We put on a kids CD the other day and Channing just looked up at the TV waiting for something to show up and then started yelling when nothing showed up to entertain her visually.

We still haven't found a food she won't eat. She is such a great eater and we've been so blessed in that department since starting table foods.

Channing did two weeks of swim school. She loved it!

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