Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still here

We are alive and well and checking back in with everyone. The day goes by so quickly but yet we don't seem to get much done.

Channing is doing really well. She is up to 11 lbs 3 oz. She's over 23 inches long. Her Developmental Specialist from SoonerStart came by yesterday to check on her. She got another gold star! Channing is working on rolling over! She's rocking over to her side and then trying to kick over. It's pretty cute to watch her try. SoonerStart is an early intervention program for kids with disabilities or developmental delays. Channing qualifies for this due to her low birth weight.

Sometime this week I'm going to take Channing in the car. We won't be going in any place but we will probably hit up Sonic. We'll keep practicing like this for a while.

Channing's reflux seems to be getting better. (I probably shouldn't be typing that out)!! She's only projectile vomiting a couple times a day rather that 6+ times a day.

Easter Piggy?

This guy is still here too. We can't find anyone to take him. ;)

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